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Hi, I'm Aria! I'm a 22-year-old trans woman/aspiring author and musician!

I was born in the hellscape of suburban Illinois, the same year as the beloved hit film Spy Kids, a cinematic marvel my existence has yet to rival the importance of. I have since moved away from that accursed realm, and now I drift through the endless sea of joy and whimsy with just a hint of mischief.

My favorite animals are Cats, Giant Siphonophores (possibly the coolest creature to ever exist??), and Pistol Shrimp (critter with a built-in laser gun!). Honorable mention to the Coconut Crabs that ate Amelia Earhart. While I love (almost) all life on this earth I have a special love in my heart for crustaceans and freaky deep sea creatures. Like I'm the sort that will look at a freaky crab or deep sea monstrosity and fangirl over how cool it is that we get to live on the same planet as it while everyone else is talking about how scary it and the ocean is.

My favorite color is purple. My favorite smells/flavors are ginger, mint and cinnamon (honorable mention to vanilla), and my favorite food is a tie between Italian Beef and Spaghetti, though I can be rather particular about the recipes used for them, and food allergies can make things a little more complicated than I'd like.

I am obsessed with human expression via art, particularly the art of storytelling in the many mediums it can be found in. I deeply love watching movies and tv shows, reading novels and manga, playing video games, listening to music, etc. I also love partaking in the creative process myself, by writing stories (almost always fantasy, but I dabble a bit in sci-fi), occasional poems, and writing and composing music (examples of which can be easily found on this here handy web site o' mine).

I tend to get weird and pretentious about art, but I mean that in the most loving and least elitest way possible. I wholeheartedly believe that almost anything can be art, so long as there's artistic intent behind it. I like stuff that's weird and freaky and challenging, I like stuff that's easily enjoyable and entertaining, and I like everything in between. I do have preferences as to stuff like genre and medium and style and the like but I enjoy trying things outside my usual wheelhouse from time to time. Sometimes I find something to unexpectedly love, sometimes I hate it, but the experience of it is always valuable to me. Plus I just find the idea of dismissing something as "not art" just because you don't like it to be extremely silly at best. As long as there's artistic intent, it's art to me. There's a bit of a grey area there where very coorperate and lifeless things like commercials and a lot of big budget movies like the MCU lie where the existance of artistic intent is debatable but this is neither the time nor the place to get into that can of toxic worms.

My other hobbies include biking (though sadly the area I live in now isn’t super bike friendly so I haven’t done it recently), cooking, DnD (I'm DMing a campaign for some my friends currently!) and I like to dabble in coloring and painting now and then, though visual art isn’t my forte. Recently I've sunk my teeth into some basic html stuff for the sake of making this web site. I’d really like to learn some music theory and a second language at some point, but those things are hard to do so I’m very good at Wanting to do them. Also I like making YouTube videos about pieces of music or storytelling that I'm passionate about or think are fun or interesting. I'm not super consistent at it but I try and put something out every few months at least.

And with that I'll leave you alone. Take care of yourself! Peace and Love and Joy and Whimsy on Planet Earth forever! <3


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